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We Are One Economy

"We Are One Economy" is a WREP inspired collaborative project designed to raise awareness about the importance of people and businesses spending more of their internet and out of town purchasing dollars in the local economy.

If we can recapture an increasing portion of our total spending with local stores and professionals, we can improve our economy through the multiplier effect of new dollars circulating through the valley.

We understand there is little increased demand for goods and services in this economy. But let's not give up. Let's attract our friends and neighbors back into our stores, showrooms and waiting rooms by providing total customer satisfaction. That means offering better customer service, the best possible pricing, and quality products that people want and need.

No one wants the Wal-Mart / Amazon experience to be our only shopping experience, but unless we support local businesses, that is exactly where we are headed! On the other hand, merchants/ professionals need to provide a total value proposition that works for consumers.

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